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  1. Flooring
    Hello, I'm in the process of replacing glued down engineered hardwood flooring with 3 1/4" solid hardwood. I've removed most of the engineered hardwood, however I left a small section that runs parallel with a long hallway with the intention of using it as a point of reference when it was time...
  2. Building & Construction
    for instance, let's say i want to make a hole in the wall 1 foot from the floor and 3 feet away from the end of the wall? for example yesterday i was drilling holes to hang some blinds. i needed to drill the holes 4" from the edge of the trim and 0.5" in. i used a tape measure to get both...
  3. Windows and Doors
    Hello All, I am replacing my existing remodeling windows with new construction windows because the remodeling windows are leaking. Can I measure side to side at the drywall and add 1 inch for the rough opening? Same process top to bottom except under the window sill?
  4. Windows and Doors
    I am replacing a couple of doors in my 90's home. The measures for the old door are 79 1/2 and 31 5/8. New doors come in 80 x 32. Will a door listed at 80 x 32 fit (guess I'm asking if 80 x 32 is like "nominal" size)? Thanks.!
  5. Interior Decorating
    Per the Nuwallpaper instructions, it says the following... "Beginning on the left side of your wall, measure out from the corner the width of the paper (20.5") and mark the wall. Draw a straight, vertical line with a level at your mark. This is a guide for your first strip, so it's important for...
  6. Building & Construction
    Thinking of purchasing a Laser Distance Measure and wanting to know if anyone has experience and maybe recommendations on a good model.
  7. Flooring
    How do you find true center of bathroom floor to lay tile? :( The floor is different widths and lengths.
1-7 of 7 Results