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  1. Should all windows match?

    Windows and Doors
    My husband and I are renovating a circa 1935 house. We are keeping and restoring almost all of the original windows. One exception to this is a window in the bump-out in the kitchen that was added at some point. We are replacing this window with a window of a similar style to the rest of the...
  2. Vinly Siding - Matching the color

    I would like to move a window and will need to change the vinyl siding and need to find the same color for the J channel. I have not been able to find the same color yet. It is a blue color from the 70s and I ahve not found it in stock anywhere. When I look at the web sites they want to put...
  3. Matching an old stain

    Hello there! I've been reading quite a few posts on here looking for some help. I have found some good info so far, but I could use a little more assistance. I own, and live in, a house that was built in the late 1800's. The doors and trim, at least the ones that wern't horribly painted over...
  4. Ceiling Texture Matching

    I am trying to match our ceiling texture on one sheet of drywall that was replaced because there was a closet that we removed. It doesn't need to match exactly, but close would be great. I'm hoping someone might know a technique that could help me replicate this. There seems to be somewhat...
  5. drywall texture time.. any recommendations?

    Drywall & Plaster
    Ok folks, my kitchen ceiling project is coming along.. I got the dryall in, taped/mudded.. I had to skim the ceiling to level the existing texture.. I would like to try and reproduce the texture below. Not sure what to call it but hopefully y'all got some recommendations. It has at least 2...