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marble tile

  1. Kitchen backsplash question

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    Replacing tired and old kitchen marble countertop and backsplash with new granite countertop and subway tile backsplash. I am trying to avoid the removal of the marble tile backsplash glued on the drywall and want to subway over the marble. My first question is what product or products are...
  2. Living Room temporary remodel - linoleum over marble tile?

    Hello! So, I recently rented an apartment in NY - saw the place, loved the old wood floors, signed the lease. Then I get a call from the broker not one week later and he's in a panic. The landlord has replaced the living room wood floor with 24x24 White Carrara Marble tiles. We have...
  3. hone marble tile flooring

    I'd like to hone my marble tile floor to get a more natural less cheesy look. I'm not familiar with the process at all but generally understand that I will essentially sand the marble tile? Any suggestions at to the right equipment, process, etc. Would be greatly appreciated. Also, any ideas the...