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  1. Remodeling
    I have an irregular and deep (16") mantel that was drywall on wood frame. I recently trimmed it with moulding and painted (see pics). Unfortunately the top is now uneven where the angled pieces are joined and looks shabby. Would you suggest a way to place a thin piece of a single sheet on top...
  2. Carpentry
    Hello, I have a floor to ceiling brick fireplace that I am wanting to incase in a wood frame that I will paint white. I have done several projects in my house by myself including retiling two bathrooms, tiling my kitchen counters and backsplash and installing a wood floor so I'm thinking...
  3. General DIY Discussions
    We have a thread for contractors on the main forum, for current started as a "take a picture Friday of what we are working on" idea, and has grown into a pretty big deal. Those of you that are involved in a DIY endeavor, please, take a moment to shoot a few pictures and post them...
1-3 of 3 Results