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  1. Electrical
    Hi, I recently started having an issue with my electrical system at home. Well, it's been close to a year now. Basically if I run the dryer, the power to my whole house shuts off. Now, it doesn't "trip" any of the breakers in the box, it just shuts everything off. I have to manually flip the...
  2. Electrical
    I noticed a main breaker box cover was missing outside at an apartment building. It had three 200 amp breakers inside. My opinion was getting the cover back on was a priority, any thoughts? Photo attached. Seems like this could be dangerous with kids around, possible rain water getting inside etc.
  3. Electrical
    As i was wiring a 240v outlet to the main breaker box, I noticed that the Main breaker only has 1 hot wire going into a 100amp double pole breaker. The neutral is wired to 1 bus and ground is wired to the other and the buses are connected with a bar. What I'm confused about is the main...
  4. Electrical
    Our proposed new service entrance equipment is a meter socket with disconnect (200 Amp), all in one exterior mounted box. The Main Panel it feeds (in the basement) also has a Main Breaker (200 Amp). Any problem here or must the Main panel in the basement be lug? Thanks for your time.
  5. Electrical
    Hi all, First of all, let me say thanks as I have frequently came here as a visitor to find answers to my various DIY issues of the day. :thumbsup: However, today, my question is left unanswered from searching the forum, hence my posting for your help. I live in a town house that is one of 10...
  6. Electrical
    Hello All, First post, working on a complete bare-stud remodel of my home, so I will try to be descriptive enough. I have a 150 Amp service to the house (which I might upgrade later) with a meter socket and breakers outside. I am running into the house (more than 10') to a 125 Amp 20 space...
  7. HVAC
    I have 200 Amp service, and just recently started running into this problem. The house has it's original 200 Amp breaker, and was built in '79. When my wife is running both the clothes washer and electric dryer, and the central A/C kicks on, it trips the main. It has never tripped it's own...
1-7 of 7 Results