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  1. HELP, my black thumb is killing all my new plants!

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I'm a new homeowner. I'm planting some new plants in my front yard and it's not going well. Some lavender and blue fescue. It's the lavender I'm worried about. I'm in Los Angeles. Here are some photos of the lavender. They start out nice and full, then start to shrink. The branches closest...
  2. I need help or suggestion on a new patio

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi Yall, I am thinking of redoing my old broken up concrete that leads up to my garage. My garage is in the back of the house so i think i can use that area for a patio too. Any suggestions?
  3. Contractor Recommends - Los Angeles

    Building & Construction
    Hi there This is my first post. I'm beginning my first ever remodel on a townhome in Los Angeles. It is undergoing remediation for mold, then everything will need to be replaced. My husband will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant and I will now have to deal with everything myself. I have...
  4. Several basic questions re: outdoor floodlight install

    Hi: Recently moved from NYC (very restrictive building codes) to Los Angeles (seemingly less so). The task is this: Got a stucco house with a medium-sized porch roof attached to the front of it, supported by columns. Over the front door is a standard outdoor porch light. I want to tap into...
  5. MAAX Shower in California?

    I'm getting ready to replace my 36" single-threshold tiled shower -- it was rebuilt about 10 years ago by the previous owner and it's been nothing but headache for me for the last 5 years (leaks, damaged flooring, swelled doorframes, etc.). Though I love tile, I am THROUGH with leaks and...