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  1. Building & Construction
    I want to build a loft bed like on this link: SMÅSTAD Loft bed frame w desk and storage, white, 90x200 cm (353/8x783/4") - IKEA I have a Bosch drilling machine(diy not professional) and a jigsaw, would these be enough to build a loft bed like that? What kind of material do I need? I want the...
  2. Building & Construction
    As always, I'm super thankful to the responses I've received from this forum. It's been unbelievably helpful. My son and I built a lean-to style clubhouse (i.e. shed) during the pandemic. I think it came out great. I promised that we'd build a loft bed inside. Rather than building a stand...
  3. Building & Construction
    Hello all! I am new to this online community, and though I fully believe and support and want to Engender the DIY attitude... my building skills are really ****ty! but I just moved into a new space and I am going to build myself a loft bed, even if it takes me 8 times as long as it should (which...
1-3 of 3 Results