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  1. Windows and Doors
    the three prong lock is stuck when trying to open it. the upper prong will not release from its locked position when using the inside door can i manually release it?
  2. Windows and Doors
    I rent office space that is accessed through a door that tends to lock. I would like to modify the doorknob if possible, so that customers are not accidentally locked out. The landlord is opposed to let me replace the doorknobs, and gave me a quotation of $285 with the locksmith it uses. (they...
  3. General DIY Discussions
    I have an Andersen outswing patio door that has been giving me a lot of grief. First of all, the outside door handle use to keep popping off, and instead of tightening the set screw on the bottom, my genius roommate superglued it on there. Then recently, I noticed water leaking in from the top...
1-3 of 3 Results