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  1. A New Way?

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    My contractor just walked out - he was installing a custom shower and I stepped in and let him know I thought he was not doing it right. I wanted to make sure I'm not missing something. (My background is YouTube how-to-do-it videos). We took out the bathtub and I'm using a linear drain at one...
  2. Capping an unused chimney with damaged clay liner

    Building & Construction
    I've got a chimney on a 1950's house. The chimney has two flues, one has a wood burning fireplace with new SS liner. The other flue has a ~25 year old hot water heater, but the clay liner at the top is falling apart (see pic). The concrete around the flue liner is in good shape. I'm thinking...
  3. Sump crock confusion

    I need someone to tell me the RIGHT way to install a sump pump liner. I have hydrostatic pressure bleeds in my basement floor and live on a high water table city lot. Did a lot of research on line and dug a hole in floor for a sump pit. Now it's time to either dig 12 inches deeper, or set my...
  4. Is there a longer bath tub drain flange? Lined cast iron tub.

    After my 80 year old cast iron plumbing began to leak I started replacing the over flow and drain assembly with PVC on my first floor bathroom tub. After finally removing the cast iron plumbing I began dry fitting the new PVC parts and discovered that the drain flange and the drain shoe/waste...
  5. shower pan leaks

    hot mop vs liner which is better and do i half to take out tiles on the walls also ?:huh: From La Mirada, Ca.
  6. Pipe Liner Problems?

    So I have a sewer issue. About a year ago I had an estimate from a reputable (so i thought) plubmer that have me a good bid on having the sewer lined from the cleanout to the city connection. I called him today to schedule it (got a tax refund and now have a little scratch). Wen I spoke to him...
  7. Rigid vs. Flexible Chimney Liner

    Hello, I'm planning to buy a wood burning fireplace insert and I've visited several vendors in my area. The topic of chimney liner type was raised by one of the salesman I talked to. He was adamant that his company only installed flexible liners as a last resort (i.e. if the chimney design...
  8. Shower Pan Liner in Tampa - Shower rebuild

    Building & Construction
    Recently I decided to rebuild my bathroom and increase it in size by 1 foot in two directions. This was intended to add room to my incredibly small shower, and add amenities that the previous shower did not have. I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and we live on concrete slabs, thus no...
  9. Can I use wall liner to make my walls smooth??

    I am remodeling a fixer-upper with the help of my dad, and whoever else will volunteer! I have two issues regarding the walls. One, I do not like the thick knockdown texture. Two, there are two new walls we've put up that are currently bare drywall. I was thinking about using wallpaper...
  10. Remove Water between Tub and Tub Liner?

    Hello- I have just purchased a house and recently discovered that there is water between the tub and tub liner. I wish I had inspected the tub more closely (or that the home inspector had) but too late now... Anyway, is there any way to get rid of this water? I was thinking about drilling a...