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  1. Electrical
    I'm replacing a light switch with a dimmer. The ground wires in the box run through the box leaving no end exposed to attach ground from dimmer. Do I need to remove the box to get at the ground or are the wires grounded already?
  2. Electrical
    Hey guys, I am new here. I was wiring in a new dimmer switch that needs a ground and my house apparently has all the ground wires in the switch boxes capped together with one wire running out of the top of the cap. The individual wires are not long enough to run to the switches, but the one wire...
  3. Electrical
    I've changed out electrical plugs before so I thought installing a new Zwave switch for my basement stairs would be simple enough. And it seemed like it was, I installed it no problem and it worked. Great. Then I went to my kitchen and noticed the switch that I never touched doesn't work. Same...
  4. Electrical
    Let me start with a little background. I am the flagman/starter at a local dirt track raceway. On the starter stand there is a controller that illuminates the signal lights (Red/Yellow/Green) on poles on the outer perimeter of the race track. Last Saturday, when I depressed the yellow switch...
  5. Electrical
    I am having an issue with the new lights not switching off. I installed 2 new lights and wired them into an existing light switch that operates the ceiling light. When I wired the two new switches I connected 3 wires (white, black, ground) together, one leading to each of the 2 new lights and...
  6. Electrical
    Problem: I have an outlet that I don't want to be turned on/off with the lightswitch on the wall. There is no overhead light in the room, the switch only controls the outlets. If it is possible, making one of the plugs in the outlet be controlled by the switch and the other not would be great...
  7. Electrical
    I am trying to figure out what needs to be repaired for my light switch - the light only remains on when the switch is balanced between on and off. Does the entire switch need to be replaced or is it faulty wiring or should I seek professional help? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. Electrical
    I am changing out a light switch. I removed the old switch but did not mark the wires. The new switch has two posts plus a green screw. I cannot determine coloring of wires because builder painted them all white. I have tried every combination of the three screws and the three wires. The light...
1-8 of 8 Results