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lighting fixtures

  1. 12v lamp post?

    I'm wanting to find an low-voltage LED post lamp for the entrance to my driveway, that's fed by 12v landscape wiring. For the life of me I cannot find one anywhere. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? If not - why not? It almost seems as if they are illegal or something. If so - why...
  2. Mounting a sconce that requires a smaller than standard junction box

    I'm looking to purchase this sconce, though to my dismay it appears to need a smaller outlet box than standard.
  3. Custom Shelf Lighting

    I am working on plans for a set of shelves that I will make from scratch. Building and finishing these shelves will be easy except for the lighting. I have decided that I want to attach the lighting using LED strips and angled aluminum brackets under the front of each shelf with a wooden front...
  4. Threaded Light Globe Won't Budge

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I put back this threaded light globe in the socket. I put it in wrong. Now I cannot get it out. I've tried turning it clockwise, counterclockwise. I have sprayed the thread with Blaster. It won't move. Should I break the globe? Behind it is a plastic fixture which is screwed in using Allen...
  5. Mounting bracket doesn't fit junction box

    Hi all, I had my bathroom remodeled and it's almost time to put up my vanity light. I thought I'd make sure that I have what I need before I get to that point. I just looked at the junction box (I think that is what it's called) and the mounting bracket the came with the light and I just...
  6. 5" Gimbal info

    We are looking to finish our basement. We have eight foot ceilings and I want to us a 5" gimbal recessed light stile on our ceiling. What is the maximum distance between the lights and the light and the wall? Does a 6" gimbal have a wider light radios then a 5" gimbal and bulb? Since the gimbal...
  7. Simple question about lamp wiring

    I have a Dainolite Model#BAY-166LP-PC hanging lamp that I want to install. There are only two wires (black and white) in the junction box but the lamp comes with a three part electrical cable (L - black, N - white, G - ground?) plus a separate ground wire from the lamp. I've installed hanging...
  8. Quick question about fluorescent lighting fixture/ballast

    I have a T5 fluorescent lighting fixture that is made for 347V input and 54W bulbs. I would like to use the fixture with house current (110V) and lower power (24W) bulbs. Do I need to modify anything on the fixture to do this? Or is 347V just a maximum voltage and the fixture can work with...
  9. Hello from Ado

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, Luky be here by the internet searching for help. and i do hope i can help some of you here also. I am interested in the lighting fixtures and handmade metalworks. so if you have questions for this. i may help you. Wishes Yours Ado
  10. Please help find T8 4 foot fixture model

    I have 2 of these in my garage and want to add a third. They are about 10 years old and I can't find what model it is. I took them apart and looked and I didn't really get any clues. They have models that are close, but I'm looking for an exact match. Please see this photo attached and let...
  11. replaced ceiling fixture not working.

    I took down track lighting and replaced with fixture with 3 lights hanging down pendant. now new light is not working. The switch is a sliding dimmer switch it is connected to another sliding dimmer switch for another light in my kitchen. meaning both dimmer switches are connected to each other...
  12. How Should I Best Set Up my Bathroom Lights?

    Interior Decorating
    Everytime I hear about bathroom lighting I was thinking of setting up my bathroom lights as well. I was wondering how can I achieve the excellent lighting. I hope somebody can help me where I can find excellent lighting fixtures that will give my bathroom an ambiance of relaxation and comfort.