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light installation

  1. Need Recommendations For Ceiling Light Mounting Solutions

    Hey all, First post here! i think this is the correct Category, but if it isn't - my apologies! (Just let me know what the proper forum would be.) So the CFLNI bulbs in one of my ceiling lights finally went dead and since I've loathed them ever since I moved in, I decided that instead of...
  2. Very frustrating puzzling issue with sconce install

    I REALLY need some help as this is so puzzling to me! Here is a bit of background it case it might help. We live in a 5 yr old house and recently had the bathroom painted. The painters removed the two (working) vanity sconces to paint but since we hadn't received a replacement we didn't put...
  3. Light Fixture Install

    Can someone help me figure out how to install a lamp on my ceiling junction box? The house is brand new, so I assume the wiring adheres to the latest construction standard. The fixture has 4 wires: one black, one white, one red, and one that is bare copper. The lamp came with 3 wires that are...
  4. installing light fixture with no ground from source - help!

    An electrician disconnected the old pendant light and as I went to replace it today realized that there isn't a ground wire from the blue junction box. Can I just connect the ground wire from the fixture to the green screw on the mounting plate and be ok? Also, the previous fixture had a...