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  1. GFCI outlet has 2 labels - one says 15A, the othe 20A

    Hello, Replacing GFCI outlet in spare bathroom. Stopped working after about 6 years - no power, can't press TEST button. Anyway, when I took it out I noticed that there are 2 labels with conflicting info. One (stamped on white plastic face says 15A, the other (paper sticker on bottom) says...
  2. 3-way timer (5 wires)

    Hello all, I'm almost done replacing the builder's switches throuhout the house with decora and i have added timers for the bathrooms's fan. One of them though, is a three way switch (the builder added a switch on the main floor to turn off or on the fan on the second floor). I found a Leviton...
  3. Trying to install Leviton In-Wall LCD timer switch

    I currently have two exterior lights above my front door. They stay on 24/7, mainly because I always forget to turn them on and off at the right times. In the interest of trying to save energy, I ordered one of these nifty little switches...