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  1. Project Showcase
    How To Make Diy Led Lights Table Lamp Making At Home Material: Sand and cement Plastic cover Styrofoam Led 3.3 Vdc Power DC 3.3Vdc
  2. General DIY Discussions
    Happy New Year, everyone... my 1st post here. Moved into a new home and all was well for little over a year. Suddenly, the recessed ceiling lights were burning out one by one on random spots in my living room and the adjacent dining lights (also recessed). Has anyone experienced this or point...
  3. Electrical
    I have a room where I had a competent electrician convert the halogen can lights to LEDs as part of a larger upgrade of an older house. Every few months, one of these lights starts buzzing. I fix it by replacing the LED bulb. There is no dimmer in this circuit that I know of. Standard on/off...
  4. Electrical
    Hello, I have four outdoor post lights wired under the cement/sandwash into an outlet on the wall outside. All four lamps use a 7W LED bulb. There are 2 wires, one from the nearest lamp and the other 3 in series joining in the box. The installed put a night sensor in and it was working for...
1-5 of 5 Results