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  1. Electrical
    I’m running canless recessed lighting in my basement, I am using Commercial Electric 3 in LED kits and Leviton Sure Slide Decora LED compatible three way dimmer switches. I have two series of four lights on two pairs of three way switches, and one on a three way for the steps. Also on the same...
  2. Tools
    I have a Craftsman C3 worklight, model #315.113913 with an incandescent bulb. I bought an LED replacement bulb on Amazon HERE, but something is wrong, in that the intensity/output is quite low. Several reviewers said they have successfully used the bulb in their Craftsman. The polarity seems...
  3. Automotive Repairs
    Hi guys, in this tutorial I show you how I replace the head light bulbs on my Fiat Freemont / Dodge Journey. I hope it will be useful.
  4. Electrical
    Hello, I am looking to make a DIY lamp from an LED tube light and would like some advise on how to wire it up. I have purchased some parts already but I am reluctant to connect it up until I have had some advise. The parts I have purchased so far, Light Bulb - FEIT Electrical T48/841/LED...
1-4 of 4 Results