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  1. Sunroom Leaks

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    Hello DIY community, We purchased an old house with an attached sunroom. It's roof is constructed with aluminum panels approx. 3 feet wide that span the length of the room. We currently have leaks where the seams meet each other as well as where the panels meet the house. Previous attempts...
  2. Greetings, at a bit of an early working out stage.

    Good evening, currently there is a project a foot, one that requires a bit of elbow grease and foresight. At the moment though it is looking like the job has little to no entry point. To explain the job in fewer words, a repair is required in a leaking Skylight that is attached to a...
  3. Toilet Leak

    We have a toilet that two days ago started dripping water. Please see the attached image. My BF fiddled with it couple times and every time it stopped leaking only to start again after a few hours. I need to fix it. I have never done any plumbing repair or for that matter any repair before. So...
  4. Mysterious plumbing leak

    I have a home in N. Texas that was built in the 1950's. It sits on a slab foundation. The carpet in a hallway (interior, not close to an exterior wall) is constantly damp. The hallway is adjacent to 2 bathrooms, but is damp only near one of them. I have checked the water meter for a leak, but...