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leak detection

  1. Water under my furnace

    Hi All, There is water under my furnace. I'm not sure where it's coming from. I put pan under the pump but pan was dry. I opened the furnace (see pic) and as I pointed in the picture both shelf are not wet. It seems the water is focused/coming from under the front left corner of the furnace...
  2. sounds like running water

    I live in a 60 year old rancher so all water lines are overhead. Mainline is underground to street. Hear water running in bathroom and stops when I shut off the cold water. Opened the wall where sound seemed loudest but everything is dry. Is there anything that could be causing this noise as I...
  3. help with leaking chimney

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    We have had water leaking around our fireplace since we built our house 4 years ago. I have a 2 story house, with a full mason chimney. one leak is on the ceiling above the fireplace on our first floor, the other is below the fireplace in the basement. The leak seams worse on driving...
  4. Mysterious plumbing leak

    I have a home in N. Texas that was built in the 1950's. It sits on a slab foundation. The carpet in a hallway (interior, not close to an exterior wall) is constantly damp. The hallway is adjacent to 2 bathrooms, but is damp only near one of them. I have checked the water meter for a leak, but...