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  1. Painting
    Our house was built somewhere around 1900. It has all wood siding, and when we bought the house we didn't even bother with a lead test. We just presumed it had lead paint on it. When it came time to repaint the house, again, we presumed it had lead paint, even though a neighbor had told us...
  2. Painting
    I am renting an old house and have lead paint.Both of my small kids rooms' have chipping at the baseboard.. I have been doing research and have seen that using encapsulating paint is going to be the only way to prevent their exposure to the lead. Which would be the best, not worried so much...
  3. Remodeling
    I am looking at a 1947 house for purchase/renovation. The casement windows, which are wood framed with separate lights, are in terrible shape: hinges painted over, putty falling out, paint peeling. A local window contractor estimated about $1,000 per window for replacement until the topic of...
1-3 of 3 Results