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  1. using light fixture to power 40" lcd tv?

    Hi all this is my first time posting, so my question is what do I need to determine if a power cable coming out of the wall is sufficient to power something like an 40" lcd tv? The power cable was used by a light fixture that was mounted on the wall in my flat and looks quite thick. So in other...
  2. Mount LCD in Brick with Tapcon Screws

    Home Theater
    I have a 40" Sony LCD TV that weighs 37.3lbs and want to mount it on my apartment's brick wall with this Sanus mount . I tried using a 1/2" lead anchor with lag bolt but when I tightened the bolt, the brick cracked. I think...
  3. Trying to install Leviton In-Wall LCD timer switch

    I currently have two exterior lights above my front door. They stay on 24/7, mainly because I always forget to turn them on and off at the right times. In the interest of trying to save energy, I ordered one of these nifty little switches...
  4. LCD above fireplace. How to run cables?

    Home Theater
    Wood burning firplace with oak cabinets on either side. Right cabinet has the current old tv and dvd etc. Oak mantle and sheetrock above fireplace. One story house. My ideas on running the cables: Hole in side of right cabinet into cavity above fireplace and then hole in sheetrock behind lcd tv...