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  1. Tractors & Mowers
    I was in the middle of mowing and stopped to clean out the caked on grass in the mower deck. After cleaning, the mower wouldn't start. It cranks over but wont start. After letting it sit for awhile it cranked and turned over a few times and died. Still won't start. I verified there is spark on...
  2. Tractors & Mowers
    I bought a mower last fall (Troy-Bilt TB130), and it ran fine the few times I used it then. When I broke it back out this spring, it was having problems starting up properly– the mower would start, but the engine seemed like it wouldn't completely catch (quieter and dies if I try to push it in...
  3. Tractors & Mowers
    Hi everyone! I have had an old push-mower for ages, but I really want to buy a new riding mower. What is the best riding lawn mower available on the market today, in y'all's opinions?
  4. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi all. My lawn mower dies after 20-30 sec. of oper. I changed the spark plug. took off the carb. Didnt really do that great of a job with the gasket material reinstalling though. Anyway. I got the spring and bars back on the choke, and throttle.. all looks well but when I use it over med thick...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I just found diychatroom today while searching google for "propane lawn mower". I converted my lawn mower to run on propane in Spring of last year, and have documented the conversion with a website: I found Homerb's post about his mower conversion, and posted...
1-5 of 5 Results