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  1. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I have a buried PVC pipe system that collects my gutter downspout water and takes it to my backyard to a working pop-up emitter. I say working, but there is a slight problem. Over time, either my emitter has sunk or my grass level has risen. Now, the pop-up emitter is almost at root level. When...
  2. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi, good day. The 7' retaining wall around my house and garden is cracking. The house is on a small rise above the split in the road. The retaining wall is basically holding all the soil back, so I'm quite concerned. The houses here are built on saprolite, what we call rotten rock, so it's not...
  3. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi, Last year I removed all weed and dead grass. I cover the seeds with fresh lawn soil with straws. Only small area grew new grass. This year, I repeated the same process and most of the area could not grow much grass. I even add fertilizer. Definitely I am not Dr. Green Thumb. I bought...
  4. Tractors & Mowers
    I have a Husqvarna lawn tractor that is blowing fuses. I have disconnected the negative battery terminal and have used a test light as I disconnected each harness connection to see when the light would turn off but nothing has turned off the light. I put everything back and tractor started but...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Just saying hi, look forward to being a part of the forum. I'm new to the lawn business. Anyone has any tips on growing lawn and garden?
1-5 of 5 Results