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  1. Electrical
    Hi all, I just discovered this forum, and thrilled to dig into all the great content! I run a small letterpress printshop in New Hampshire, and just acquired a small piece of bindery equipment that I'm trying to get running in the studio. I'm generally mechanically inclined, but less so with...
  2. Electrical
    3 KVA dry type transformer (Calculating Overcurrent Protection on the Primary Side)? I will run #12 THHN wire as we usualy do but the current on the load is some constant at about 1.5 amps for a low voltage power supply and the rest of the panel is floating at about 15 amps max using 480 single...
  3. Electrical
    Doe's anyone know how to plan a 3 kva, line side fuse size? Gotta Go will be back tomorrow to see results. Thanks Carandorandy.
1-3 of 3 Results