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knotty pine

  1. Knotty Pine Boards over Paneling

    Building & Construction
    I have a large room (12'x32') in a house that has paneling that was installed sometime in the 1960's. It's the typical, thin plywood type of paneling. I've been going through the house and putting vertical, TIG, knotty pine boards on the walls, and sheetrocking the ceilings. In the...
  2. Question about Knotty Pine in Basement

    General DIY Discussions
    Hello Everyone - I'm adding a basement bar and have decided to use Knotty pine on the walls that surround it. One of the walls is an exterior wall and there are furring strips attached to it - I'm debating on whether to put a vapor barrier between the furring strips and the knotty pine...
  3. Spot Prime Knotty Pine?

    Question for the group about painting knotty pine. I understand it's best to use shelac based primer to prevent bleeding. I'm wondering if I can just spot prime the knots with BIN and then roll on a water based primer on the rest (over the spots as well). I'm painting in a basement with...
  4. What color to stain knotty pine?

    Interior Decorating
    Hey all. I am finishing my basement and need your advice. The rest of my house looks like a lodge held up with oak beams, huge stone fireplace, loft, etc. My wife wanted to do something different in the basement so we bought knotty pine doors, trim and wainscotting but are now stuck on what...