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  1. Plumbing
    If you have a Kohler San Raphael toilet knocking.This Rialto Pressure Lite toilet, creates a conundrum. When it's installed in a place that doesn't have the water pressure to shut the valve. This in terms keeps it building pressure, it exceeds the pressure rating. When you flush the plunger...
  2. Plumbing
    Hello everyone I'm a huge noob on this type of work, but have a father that can help me with anything if we find an answer. I bought my house about a year ago, and after the house inspection I was told I needed to have the corroded nipples on the water heater replaced and so I had this done...
  3. Automotive Repairs
    My 99 Grd Voyager (3.0 3 spd w/ovrdrv) starts and runs but about jumps out of the vehicle and knocks like crazy and won't excelerate (rev up) - it just goes wwwhhhhaaaaaa and won't speed up. It's like it stays choked or overfueled or spark advance is stuck in full advance from start up. The only...
1-3 of 3 Results