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  1. Tank specs for Texture Ceiling

    Drywall & Plaster
    I am planning on removing popcorn ceiling and spraying knockdown texture. I will be doing 1-2 rooms each weekend or every other. What is a preferred compressor tank (Gallons, HP, CFM) for doing this. I am trying to stay budget friendly and in no rush to knock out the whole house in a weekend...
  2. Corner bead over knockdown?

    *sigh* The previous owner of my house put knockdown over (multiple) layers of wallpaper, and painted it. The knockdown itself seems like kind of a rubbery material. 1) Can I apply corner bead over this or do I need to cut and peel it back a bit 2) How can I reproduce this texture? I have no...
  3. Knock-down fasteners

    All, In the next couple of weeks I am going to be remodelling a walk-in closet and a pantry, and would like to create a system something similar to what the big companies offer using pre-drilled panels and the cam-style knock down fittings. Unfortunately none of the pre-fabbed systems will...
  4. Can I use wall liner to make my walls smooth??

    I am remodeling a fixer-upper with the help of my dad, and whoever else will volunteer! I have two issues regarding the walls. One, I do not like the thick knockdown texture. Two, there are two new walls we've put up that are currently bare drywall. I was thinking about using wallpaper...
  5. Load Bearing Wall??? please help

    Building & Construction
    HI hoping someone can help with our problem, we want to knock down a bedroom wall and need to know if the wall is load bearing, we have looked at many websites that say if the wall is parallel to the joists then it is not load bearing, well our wall is parallel to the joists but we have a piece...