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  1. Design dilemma! Help with lay out of open concept kitchen/living room

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Im not sure how to lay the kitchen and the living in this space. (Photo provided) Its a second floor, which we are turning into an apartment. The rooms are not in the picture. Its a 2 level floor. I want an open concept kitchen and living room...
  2. Insulate a Garage Door

    Hello, all. New member here. My wife and I recently built a new house, and put a windowed garage door in, instead of a traditional patio door. For reference, the door is the Amarr Vista, and is 8'x8'. The glass is a great thermal barrier, but the door frame itself needs some insulation. Here is...
  3. How do you clean a smelly kitchen sink?

    How To Guides
    Hi Guys, How do you clean a smelly kitchen sink? The stench makes me want to puke but I'm having difficulty to clean it. It seems got stuck. I was out of town for few weeks and never thought of cleaning the sink before leaving. Is there any liquid or washing cloth which I can use? Thank.
  4. Cooking Appliances

    Hi, I'm looking to buy outdoor kitchen grills/barbecue for my home to entertain my neighbours during this pandemic. I'm just curious as to which company makes the better kitchen grills? I visited homedepot and wayfair website but couldn't decide because there are various kinds and types of...
  5. Moen Pulldown Faucet won't retract

    I have a Moen pulldown faucet and recently replaced my sink. Previously I had no issues with the faucet not retracting, however, now it will only retract all the way if the water is turned off. Otherwise it is stuck wherever I have pulled it out to. I Have moved the weight all over the hose...
  6. Tiling over plywood for backsplash

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Hello everyone. I am currently remodeling a kitchen in a rental unit of ours and the previous owners took the easy way out and installed outlets on the backsplash using conduit rather than embedding them into the wall itself. We want to give it a more finished look so I was hoping to use...
  7. Can I tile over exterior plywood for kitchen backsplash?

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hello everyone. I am currently remodeling a kitchen in a rental unit of ours and the previous owners took the easy way out and installed outlets on the backsplash using conduit rather than embedding them into the wall itself. We want to give it a more finished look so I was hoping to use...
  8. Kitchen Faucet Pull-Out Spray Head incorrect size

    I recently bought this Kitchen Faucet Pull-Out Spray Head (image attached) to find out that it doesn't fit my pipe, the one I bought is a G 1/2 but it seems I need a Spray Head that has a wider thread at the end, can anyone advise what I can do...Thank you !
  9. Outdoor BBQ Grill

    There seems to be some problem with my BBQ Grill as it produces very low flame and sometimes it doesn't lit. What could be the issue? Thinking of selling it and buy a new one but if the problem gets solved won't sell it.
  10. adding an extension to current benchtop

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hi all, I'm thinking of adding an extension to current benchtop as breakfast bar. I've never done similar project so not sure if my idea works. This is my current benchtop, 154cm x 64cm. Got an idea like this from website Without breaking existing benchtop I'm thinking of adding a...
  11. Kitchen backsplash question

    New Member Introductions
    Replacing tired and old kitchen marble countertop and backsplash with new granite countertop and subway tile backsplash. I am trying to avoid the removal of the marble tile backsplash glued on the drywall and want to subway over the marble. My first question is what product or products are...
  12. Outlets in a peninsula Based on code east Orange

    I'm remodeling a kitchen and I would like to know if I need to Put an outlet in a 8 feet peninsula based on code in East Orange NJ, if yes can it be in the end or back of the cabinet?or which kind can I use install in the cabinet or granite? Thanks for your help need to pass inspection! :smile:
  13. Temporary Kitchen Countertop

    Building & Construction
    I decided last week that I wanted to build new kitchen cabinets. I need a temporary countertop, so I went with what I already had which is 3/4 inch maple plywood. It will be 1 1/2 inches thick once I add some strips of plywood around the bottom edges of the top piece. I need to seal it with...
  14. Painting Golden Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    I have been researching ways in which to paint over golden oak kitchen cabinets and keep coming up with different answers and would like help in developing a process and products 1. Cleaning/degreaser: Crud Cutter vs TSP? 2. Primer: Will oil based primer cause a white cabinet to yellow...
  15. Kitchen Can lights

    I am looking for a common measurement for can light placement/layout in a kitchen with uppers. I am aware that it is supposed to be approx. 12in from wall for over sink. I was thinking 36in from wall for wall with upper cabinets and 24in in from wall if no upper cabinets. cabinets will run...
  16. Where do I look on The Chatroom?

    Building & Construction
    I have been building out a space adding a master bath with closet and using a previously wasted back room space. however in the process I have made an open concept in an L shape. Where would I look on the forum for kitchen/house building layout or does anyone have any other resources I can...
  17. Kitchen Wireless Light

    Hello everyone! I bought a new home and I am planning to install under cabinet kitchen lights. Because I don't want to make any opening, I am considering the option of wireless control. I have easy access to connect the lights to the existing outlets, but to control them, the only option is to...
  18. Kitchen Puck Lighting

    Hello everyone - We moved into a our first home a couple months back. The last home owner remodeled the kitchen and ran wires for under cabinet puck lighting, but never installed the lights. I would like to finish the job and get the lights installed, but am a bit lost on how to do it with...
  19. Kitchen Base Cabinet Rear Slide Rail fixture

    Hopefully a picture will explain this better than my rhetoric. I have holes in the back of all my cabinets, bathroom or kitchen. You can see them in the pictures. In the top image there's a sliding rail from a bathroom drawer that I removed. Notice how the rail appears to be secured in the back...
  20. 1906 Home Complete Remodel - Video Blogging Everything!

    Project Showcase
    Hello Everyone! I have been a lurker here for some time. With the new purchase of my original 1906 Kansas City Shirtwaist house I decided to finally create my own account and start documenting EVERYTHING! I plan to remodel everything myself and will make post here every step of the way from...