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kitchen tile

  1. Recessed Tile Back Splash

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    I am finishing up a kitchen remodel for my neighbor that involved a number of projects including removing a load bearing wall and re-arranging stove and refrigerator and cabinets. I am getting to finishing and have a question about the tile back splash I am planning to install. In order to...
  2. ceramic tile countertop

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi We are attempting to install a new kitchen for my daughter. We have a large supply of 4"white glossy ceramic tile. We need to change the color of the tile. I have read many sights that suggest roughing up the glossy tile and applying oil base primer and oil base paint. I also want to...
  3. Tiles before or after kitchen cabinets?

    We are changing our kitchen cabinets, counter top, back splash and floor tiles. Cabinets are coming next week, what I want to know is 1. Do we need to remove existing back splash before installing new cabinets? Do I need to install new back splash before cabinets too? 2. Same for floor tiles...
  4. Subfloor and Underlayment Questions

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Hello, I've been reading previous posts and am now ready to ask my own questions. I understand from cclarlisle in a previous post that there are four acceptable methods of tile installation: (a) with thinset, on two layers of 5/8" plywood, or (b) with thinset, on one layer of 5/8" plywood and...