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kitchen flooring

  1. Vinyl/Linoleum Floor Tiles/Planks For Rental Kitchen - Seeking Durable Brand?

    I'd like to install vinyl/linoleum tiles (or lvp planks) in the kitchen of a rental I have. (Approx 13 sq feet) I had some samples from Home Depot - Trafficmaster self-stick. I was not happy with quality -- I scuffed it easily with running sneakers. I need the vinyl/linoleum to look decent for...
  2. Hardibacker under Kitchen cabinets?

    We are adding a new kitchen and are installing ceramic floor tile on an OSB subfloor. We have not installed the kitchen cabinets yet. Would we be wise to install the hardibacker on the entire floor, ie under the new kitchen cabinets, or should we install the cabinets and then the hardibacker...
  3. New member from colorado springs

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. I am here to learn all about home improvement in the landscaping, bathroom, and kitchen improvement areas. I am in the process of removing my countertops and cabinets. I want to install laminate flooring. I am not sure if I should go through the headache of removing my old linoleum...
  4. kitchen flooring

    I've been redoing a 100+ yr old house in a sweet mountain town in Montana. It's been a challange for this old lady, but it's progressing nicely. Newest problem - uneven kitchen floor (kitchen, breakfast, laundry and back entry). The good guy I've hired to lay the floor did his best to even it up...
  5. Cement backer board over kitchen concrete slab

    Hi! All, I have a question regarding the ½” hardie cement backer board apply on concrete slab. The kitchen that I’m working on has concrete slab, I’m putting a 3/8” porcelain tile in the kitchen floor. I want to raise the floor as much as possible to match the adjacent living room floor level...