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kitchen drain

  1. Disposer height above drain

    Just bought a deeper sink and am concerned about the height of the disposer. Looking at my current setup, I have 2 inches difference from the disposer drain height and the line into the wall; my new sink is 2 inches deeper so it looks like they will be even. 1. Is it ok for the disposer two...
  2. Kitchen Sink Drain

    I came across a house that has the kitchen sink drain running to the basement and discharging to the floor drain. I am looking for the specific code section that prohibits this. I was looking at IPC 405.4: 405.4 Floor and wall drainage connections. Connections between the drain and floor...
  3. Kitchen Drain Pipe Loop

    I removed a half wall when I remodeled my kitchen. The sink drain pipe was inside this wall. The drain went through the floor, but it also had a high loop in it, looping back on itself (about a 3-foot high loop). I assume this loop relieves air pressure in the pipe . I am now in the process of...
  4. Basement Suite Plumbing

    I am installing a secondary suite in my basement. However, I need to install a drain for a Kitchen Sink. The attached diagram depicts the current plumbing of the basement bathroom sink (not sure if it is done correctly but was done before I purchased the house). I need to add a drain to the...