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  1. Flooring
    Hello, I want to use this floor repair kit to remove floor squeaks. The floor is carpeted and runs outside/near the bathroom. Is it safe to use these screws (3 inches) without puncturing/damaging water pipes underneath (if any)? Thanks
  2. HVAC
    Just had an AC checkup and was told I should have a hard start kit installed. Long story short, yes, I believe any large motor should include a startup capacitor/relay circuit...and after looking over my system, there isn't one installed. I believe the $300 for the tech to install it is rather...
  3. Project Showcase
    In this video I'll show you how I removed some old 1984 can lights and replaced them with the new LED retrofit can light kit that I bought at Home Depot. It's very simple to do. Even for a DIYer! You can remove the old can lights and also install the new LED can light in less than five...
  4. Green Home Improvement
    Hello! I am a solar enthusiast who also likes to work on new solar solutions. It seems to me that DIY solar isn't really mainstream because of: 1. Permitting 2. Intimidation of doing the work yourself 3. Electrical wiring 4. Structural engineering I was envisioning a product that would...
  5. Appliances
    Good morning appliance gurus! I recently replaced my electric cooktop. Unfortunately, all the cooktops I could find that covered the hole were too big to fit in the hole. I settled on this model, and reinforced the inside of the hole with 1x3s. The cooktop is well supported and snug, but...
  6. Home Theater
    How do I do an in-wall cable routing job for a wall-mounted TV if there are horizontal studs in the route I want to take? I bought a Legrand CMK70 kit, which comes with a circular saw to cut two holes and an AC power kit to go between the top and bottom. I thought it would be easy using this...
1-6 of 7 Results