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  1. Drop Ceiling has rusted tracks and mold on tiles...

    What is the best paint for the drop ceiling's rusted metal tracks to stop it from rusting anymore? Kilz rust paint? What is the best paint to stop mold on tiles? Concrobium? Thank you.
  2. Feedback (Old glue from Mirror)

    Drywall & Plaster
    Hi all, Got a really quick question for you. Just brought a house and I am seriously hesitate on which direction to go, hoping to get some opinions. As you can see from the pictures attached, I had a wall of mirrors in the living room, the wife was adamant in getting those mirrors removed as...
  3. Prepping Plaster Walls for Painting

    Hi there, I have just had my walls re-plastered in a bedroom in my house. I live in a 103 year old house and this particular room's walls seemed to have some water damage. So, we got the walls professionally plastered and they did a nice job smoothing it out. About a month ago, we primed the...
  4. Question about using Kilz Original

    Hello all, We're getting ready to paint and will be using Kilz Original oil-based primer on the walls and ceiling because the previous owner of our new house was a pretty heavy smoker. We've mostly neutralized the smell of smoke by removing the carpets, cleaning the ducts, and running an ozone...
  5. yes, another interior paint issue!!

    ok, so every place ive lived i paint. generally, ive bought low end paint, and never had an issue. im not a primerer or a two coater either. well, in december i hired someone to paint my living area (it was a first paint job). he thought using 50 bucks a gallon SW would be a good idea, i...