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  1. Interior Decorating
    I found these buttons at Joann the other day called Wuttons. They are so cute! I'm thinking of making a piece of wall art with them and hanging them in our kid's room. Anybody have any other ideas for kids room decorations using these?
  2. Interior Decorating
    Does anyone have cool decor ideas for kids bedrooms? It gets tricky sometimes to create quality bedrooms for kids. Check out this post dedicated to wall decor for girl bedrooms:
  3. Interior Decorating
    So we were thinking about building my daughter a bed that would be integrated into her existing window seat. The bed would be a low platform style bed mounted to the front of her window seat, so that the top of the mattress will still be roughly 8 inches below the top of the seat (12 inched...
1-3 of 4 Results