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  1. Plumbing
    I’m having some trouble troubleshooting my whirlpool tub. I can turn the jets on and all you hear is a humming with no actual jet function. Nothing comes out of the jets. I have accessed the pump and the fan pump is working/not jammed. Plugs and switches are all good as well as far as I can...
  2. General DIY Discussions
    I have a corner jet tub that I haven't been able to use because the on/off button no longer works. The clear tube from the button to (maybe the motor?) has unattached. The jets work just fine- if you blow or force pressure into the clear tube the jets will start up. It's not as simple as a fix...
  3. Plumbing
    Installing a standard 60X32 3 wall rectangular air jet tub and was considering a wall mount faucet with hand held shower nozzle like the ones used for claw foot tubs. Is this too unusual a combination? I never see this on tubs but thought it would look nice. Is there a reason not to use this...
1-3 of 3 Results