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  1. Appliances
    Hello all, I was just told by my wife that the igniter for one of the four burners on our Jenn Air gas cooktop "fell through" the hole that it used to be in. So, I turned off the gas, unplugged the cooktop, then took off the ceramic cap above the burner. I was going to unscrew the burner to...
  2. Appliances
    I have a Jenn-Air Model #JMW8527AA and the oven is heating correctly but the display on the front panels lights don't work. If you push the buttons they do work but you can't tell what you are pushing. If anyone has any idea's please let me know. I'm not sure how to take off the front cover...
  3. Appliances
    I'm having a peculiar problem. Various elements of my range work: downdraft fan, oven light, temperature probe, etc. However, the heating elements don't seem to be functioning. Earlier this week, I noticed a small pop, and saw a little bit of smoke coming from the back of the unit. Ever...
1-3 of 3 Results