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  1. Updating / modernizing this interior railing (repost with pics)

    Building & Construction
    Hello All, For an investment property we are renovating for rental, I am looking for budget conscious options to refresh / update / modernize this ~1985 era metal / wrought iron interior railing that extends from the ground level entry foyer up 7 stairs to the main level of a raised bungalow...
  2. Requesting Help Choosing Well Water Treatment Options

    If you have experience using or designing whole house filters, would you please share your knowledge with me? We have a well with a sediment filter and a water softener. Until I shock the well with chlorine, we have black staining in the toilets and occasional sulfur smell. We have a septic...
  3. Iron Filter Stopped Working!

    We had a water system installed several years ago, and it did a great job. However, the iron problem we had is back. This is an Iron Boss that supposedly had much capacity to spare. I've used Iron Out and backwashed it repeatedly, but it seems it's worn out. It's been serviced, and the tech...
  4. How to attach concrete table top to the iron base?

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi everyone :smile: I'm new to the forum and DIY as well! I made a mosaic in concrete so its quite heavy piece of art :smile: I was wondering if I could use it as a garden table top. I have no idea how to attach it to a iron table base. Can anyone help? Thanks :smile:
  5. Water worse after draining hot water heater

    We own a home with well water and for a little while we have been noticing a rotten egg odor. A few months ago we had a green sand filter installed to remove that (we already have a salt water softener, so now we have two systems). The odor kept coming so after several service calls confirming...
  6. Well water Filter recommendations

    Hello all, Moved into a new house a while back, slowly getting used to the place. Its a pretty traditional colonial here in CT, built in 1985, 4 bed, 3.5 bath, wiht a well of unknown depth and a submersied pump of unknown age/strength. Here are the results of the water test we had done during...
  7. Iron In My Water

    I live in the country. My water comes from a well. There is lots of iron in the water and it comes out brown from the tap. A water company has already come and installed a rustmaster to my filtration system. The water is a bit cleaner but still has an iron smell and some brown to the water...
  8. Anybody hear of a greensand filter not working?

    I purchased a greensand filter to solve the iron problems we have with our well water. Unit installed on October 18th. After two regenerations the last being on October 24th, I cleaned the bathroom sink today the 28th with Super Iron Out and removed noticeable red staining. The water when...