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  1. Hello DIY world

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    It's good to have a forum for homeowner advice available.
  2. Hello from NJ

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    Hi All, Have been a homeowner for the past 4 years and have learnt a lot DIY (home and other) stuff along the way. Absolutely love trying to fix and build things myself. Hoping to gain a lot of knowledge from this forum and be useful at times as well. :) Best regards, Satya
  3. Hello from Zelienople, PA

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    Hello, Just bought my 1st house in Zelienople, PA, which is about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh. The house I bought is a 80 year old 4/2.5 colonial style. The great thing about the house is that it really doesn't need any work other than a sub-electrical panel upstairs that needs to be...
  4. Hi everyone

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    New member. It's good to be here.