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  1. Electrical
    Just moved into a new house, and the laundry room door is about 4 feet away from the utility pole that provides the coax cable for internet service. So, I can literally plug my modem directly into the splitter at the top of the pole. However, I need to route this cable to a more practical...
  2. Networking
    Hello everyone, I am looking for honest opinions on the quality of internet service WRS Web Solutions provides (they service most areas of Canada and the USA using Cogeco lines). The only package I'm able to get in my area through Bell Canada and other providers comes with a ~5Mbps download...
  3. Electrical
    Hi all, I'm having some crazy internet problems, slow one minute, fast the next, sometimes it just dies and I have nothing for a few hours and then it comes back randomly. Upon inspection, it appears that the cat5 cable running from my office downstairs into the basement eventually splices into...
  4. Plumbing
    I heard there are these pipes under the sea for the internet what are they made of ? How do they work ? Who made them ? Where do they go ?
  5. Electrical
    Why would I have a 4P4C jack in my house? It is mounted on, not behind the wall. I wanted to connect my modem in that location but it did not work. Don't see why it was installed if it cannot connect a phone/modem...
  6. Networking
    Looking for a new router as mine is crapping out on me. I want something with a USB port so I can hook my printer up to it. Bonus points for ADSL on the router. Anyone have experience with a unit in their home?
  7. General DIY Discussions
    Hello all! After recently building a 4000 sq/ft home, I am working on a project to communicate with my Carrier Comfort Zone II system and send the information via WiFi and internet. I have successfully acquired data from the RS-485 communication bus and wrote a Graphical User Interface to...
  8. Electrical
    We just moved into a new house. The previous owners had coax for their UVerse installation. At the house we came from we had the phone jack installation - so ATT sent us another phone jack 2-wire modem for the tech to install. However, when he came out, he realized that he would have to...
1-8 of 8 Results