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  1. 120V generator into 120/240V panel question

    Hi everyone. I know this question has been asked before, but this is slightly different. I plan on having an electrician install an Interlock kit onto my electric panel. They will install a 30A 125/250VAC L14-30 inlet box on my house to a new 30A breaker for a proper 120/240V generator. My...
  2. Surface-mounted NM / Romex into flush service panel

    Bottom line, what is your best advice for bringing "exposed" but properly protected) NM into a flush-mounted service panel? I'm looking to install a generator interlock on my service panel and am working out wiring the generator inlet to the new breaker. The 10/3 running from the generator...
  3. Portable Generator Hookup

    I am going to hire an electrician to help wire our house for a generator, but want to first get an understanding of my options. I learned about transfer switches vs interlocks, and interlocks just make the best sense for our needs. I discovered though that our main breaker is in the garage...
  4. Venmar EVO5 500 HRV/Furnace Interlock

    So I recently purchased this Venmar unit on sales at Lowes (EVO5 500). I called the Venmar tech line prior to purchasing to see if the unit had a set of N.O. contacts so I could interlock it with my furnace. They told me yes, it has a set of N.O. and N.C. contacts. I got it all installed and...
  5. Interlock metal roof leaks

    I have Interlock metal roof around 10 years old. Unfortunately Interlock did not transfer life time warranty after I moved in the house. One of the problems I have is peeling paint on every single shingle but its seems just like cosmetic problem. Worst is that there is a lots of leaks around...
  6. Subpanel vs Main feeds amp ratio limits? NEC 2005

    I live in NJ in a town that follows NEC 2005 codes. I live in a ~1800square ft. house with 1 primary electric panel. Looking for planning help to prep for design and permit application. I'm looking to install a new sub-panel (Square D QO 100A / 20 slots / with 100A main breaker) very close to...
  7. Proper size of generator inlet box and breaker

    Hello. I'm going to run a portable generator somewhere around the 8.5k - 10k size. I plan to use a Square D Interlock kit to back feed the panel legally and safely. What is an appropriate size of inlet box to get and what is the appropriate size of feed breaker to get for the generator sizing...
  8. Wiring Generator to Backfeed Breakers - Neutral and Ground Wires?

    Hi! I'm planning on using an interlock kit (code approved model) when connecting my generator to my home's main power panel, as follows (drawing attached): 7500W generator (Generac GP7500E) with L14-30 generator cable connecting generator's 240V 30A outlet to an L14-30 inlet box (on house)...
  9. generator

    got me a 10,000/(8,000 run) some 5 months ago, it just dawned on me, I haven't done MUCH yet as far as prepping it for ready! I DID get it out, put wheels on, run it, fil tank, and stabil, etc, but that's it. I noticed I really don't have too many 110 outlets on there and can't see a bunch of...
  10. Neutral path between two main panels

    I just came across DIY Chat - it looks like a great place. I've searched around but cannot seem to identify what the rules are regarding a neutral path between two primary panels so I thought I would post my question. Here is my situation: I have 400 amp service (1 meter) (maybe 320 amp - I...
  11. interlock paver for driveway

    Building & Construction
    I am researching interlock paver for my (double-car-width) driveway. Is the larger and thicker the paver the better in terms of stability, durability, etc? ie. 80 x 300 x 450 mm is better than 70 x 300 x 300 mm? Which one is better - 80 x 300 x 450 mm or 80 x 400 x 400 mm?