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  1. soffit on ceiling??

    General DIY Discussions
    I have a weird pseudo-room that looks like a balcony, that i'm trying to convert into a study room by enclosing the two open sides with windows. The pseudo-room looks like this The sheetrock (i assume) on the ceiling isn't in the best condition. A contractor I spoke to recommended to replace...
  2. Query regarding interior map bulb

    Automotive Repairs
    Hi Guys, Does anyone know what's the type of these bulb sockets (Pics attached) and how to remove the bulbs from the sockets? I tried pulling it out, but it's not budging at all, and I'm scared to break the glass if I apply too much force. Can someone please help?
  3. Reduce Noise Between Interior Bedroom Walls

    General DIY Discussions
    Reduce Noise Between Interior Bedroom Walls I thought this would be a simple project but reading a lot of conflicting information. We have a new build finished home, contractor grade. We can hear conversations between the bedroom walls like there is no privacy, even light snoring would wake...
  4. Designing tips for the perfect home interior design

    Interior Decorating
    If you are planning to renovate your home after the years of use or you, have just built a new house. You must have to consider the eye-catching home interior design in order to make your home design prominent among the others. Like other home constructions and projects, the home design projects...
  5. All MDF Door Construction?

    Hi. I need a couple of 7 foot interior doors. Since I cannot find any at a decent price, I plan to build them. The door style would be Shaker, with three cross rails (top, bottom, middle-ish) My plan is to layer 1/2" mdf, with the center layer being the overall door size, then glue on stiles...
  6. ugly extra area next to steps

    There is an ugly area of wood that extends about a foot to the right of my steps leading upstairs. The wood also comes out about one inch in front of the steps. This area goes on a diagonal angle and goes through to the garage. It is so unsightly. Any suggestions?
  7. Hanging door by its casings

    How To Guides
    There are times that hanging a door can be done much more simply than dealing with shims, and cutting shims, and then casing. We call this "California-style." (Please don't be offended, Dear Californians! I didn't name it this, it's just what people in the industry in Utah call it.) Anyway, for...
  8. Insulating/venting roof deck better, turn attic into conditioned space..

    So I am thinking about installing central air, and want to put the air handler in the attic. I want to make the attic conditioned space. I have a very simple roof. I want to vent the interior roof deck, and then insulate under it. My roof rafters are only 2x4's. I was thinking I would build...
  9. insulating 1950s 'modern' from interior, should I use housewrap inside sheathing?

    This is a low-budget rehab on a small, inexpensive, mid-century 'modern' house; near-flat roof with soffits, in the Pacific Northwest. The house will be torn down whenever it sells (probably within 10 years). For now, because it has zero wall insulation, I'd like to add some insulation in...
  10. Interior stone?rock wall

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Can anyone give me some pointers on putting stone on an interior wall? Can I just attach the mesh to a normal sheetrock wall or will it be to heavy? If I want to attach to the main foundation walls that are now fancied up with wood over them, should I screw the wood in or is using a brad nailer...
  11. Paint and drywall peeling off in sheets. What do I do?

    I've been gearing up to repaint the bathroom in my newly bought home and things took a sudden turn just now. My original plan was just to fill some holes, sand, prime, and paint. While attempting to sand a hole in the wall, the paint starting coming off in huge sheets. It appears to be taking...
  12. Can I Cut 2" Off of Bottom of Interior Wood Door

    Windows and Doors
    Hi I am replacing some old hollow doors with solid wood pre-hung doors (Reliabilt from Lowes). My current doors are 78" in length and the stock doors are all 80". The door packaging indicates the maximum amount that can be trimmed from the bottom is 1". Can I trim 2"? Does the extra 1"...
  13. interior construction project question

    Building & Construction
    I am new to DIY construction and I have an existing 60x40 pole barn. I don't need that much barn, but want to build some living area in the back 12 feet (making the living area 40x12). The side walls are 18 feet tall I believe, so I would like to make this living area 2 stories tall to maximize...
  14. Choosing a Color Scheme For Your Room

    Interior Decorating
    One of the most important elements to think of while remodeling or even building a brand new house is the color of your room. Your room personifies you and tells a story about your likes and tastes. At the same time, it has a direct impact on your state of mind. A color that appeals to you...
  15. Help -- I may have bought the wrong paint, need advice

    I'm in the process of refinishing a wood panel door. I cleaned, repaired, sanded, and primed with X-I-M UMA. Today I went to buy the paint. I had been planning on getting Duron Signature Select interior acrylic semi-gloss. However, they said they only sold it in gallons, and I only needed a...
  16. I need suggestion for to buying kitchen furniture

    Interior Decorating
    Hi everyone, Few days ago i buy a new home with garden and lots of space, its going too expensive for me. Now i have another problem for kitchen furniture, there are hundreds type of furniture available in market but i dont know which one perfectly suitable for my kitchen. So give...
  17. Drywall on interior concrete basement wall

    Drywall & Plaster
    Haven't been able to get good advice on this question, but I'm hoping someone here has some insight... I'm finishing the basement of my townhouse-style condo. The walls are poured concrete. The three exterior walls are going to be finished with stud walls. I'm not sure what to do about the...
  18. Removing trim from Interior Door

    Drywall & Plaster
    I recently had a new vanity installed in my bathroom. However, the vanity drawers are very tight against the wall (about 1/4" clearance). When the drawer is opened, it hits the door trim so that it can not open all the way. As a temporary solution, I've removed the door trim from that side...
  19. valspar paint, not as adverised? or just me?

    ok so ive been painting rooms in my house the last week, did first room with a benjamin moore flat finish paint...primed the walls, and 2 coats of paint looks starts my problem..due to the fact i had a 20% off purchase coupon from Lowes, i went there got a bunch of stuff i needed for...
  20. Options for shed interior walls?

    Building & Construction
    I am building a shed and am trying to figure out what to use as an interior wall surface. I could use drywall, but that seems a little fragile for a shed. Pegboard is possible but seems a little ugly for the whole wall, and I'd still need something to use for the ceiling. Any ideas?