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  1. Flooring
    Hey, recently my boyfriend and I moved into my mom’s place and we have started ripping up the old hardwood flooring. Everything has been going alright so far, except the hardwood flooring runs underneath an interior wall. I guess my mom’s ex put this wall up and he’s notorious for lacking...
  2. Building & Construction
    Help with inexpensive & quick way to fix crack in wall Help with inexpensive & quick way to fix crack in wall. The crack in the wall is due to rain damage from 5+ years ago. The wall is white & I’m thinking I would be okay just covering it with spackle or caulking. Any ideas?
  3. Building & Construction
    I have a open cathedral ceiling with the rafters exposed. I’m using non-stamped/structural 2x4s. The issue that I’m having is a method that my building inspector wants for how the top plate attaches to the rafters? I was thinking about using a single top plate, then ripping a second top plate...
  4. Remodeling
    my mother bought a trailer this past year, and now wants to make a few changes to the layout. the trailer is brand new this year, and i think its 14x65, or in that area. 2x6 walls, pitched & shingled roof. she wants to move the wall between the living room and spare bedroom back about 3 feet...
1-4 of 4 Results