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  1. Hvac mildew help!

    My condo was built in the 60's and for some reason the drainage pipe for the unit drains into the intake. There is a 1'x1' whole cut out of the cement, lined with cardboard, and filled with small pebbles. Our AC has smelled like sulfer for 2 weeks off and on, my throat has been scratchy for...
  2. Furnace Intake Frosts Over

    Hi We have a furnace fresh air intake with a small screen to keep debris, leaves, and critters out of the intake pipe. We have had extreme cold temps this week (-10 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit). The furnace exaust air gets blown around upon exiting the house, and is frosting over the furnace...
  3. Should I be alarmed about a cardboard & Styrofoam-lined intake vent?

    We purchased a house about 3 months ago. It's a 1955 ranch-style - some bits are modern and some are 1955 original. While painting a while back, I removed the heating intake vent cover (I assume that's what it is - it's covered by magnetic panels at the moment), and saw the image below. I'm not...
  4. Add Second Intake to furnace

    Add Second Air Return to furnace I was just talking to the person that did a lot of modifications to this house over fifteen years. He said that our Payne Plus 80 gas furnace used to have two returns but when he added the addition, he removed one of the returns and didn't replace it. He told...
  5. Huge Vent in intake trunk run

    Hi, We moved into our new house a few months ago, and whenever the heat turns off, there's a big bang coming from the (unfinished) basement. After a few months of off and on investigation, I discovered that if the basement door is open a few inches, it will slam shut when the heat turns on...