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insulating basement

  1. Insulating Basement

    I hope I can explain my question thoroughly. I am in the process of finishing 1,200 sq. ft of my poured concrete basement. I have had the envelope of the house sprayed with 2" of closed cell foam including the 400 sq. foot crawl space. They also completely foamed the walls except for each...
  2. Insulating Ceiling for a Basement Suite

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    Hi, I'm just about to get started on the basement suite in my new house and am thinking about a few ideas, the main issue is the ceiling. The upstairs of the house is laminate/vinyl flooring currently and I have 3 dogs... when you're downstairs their nails are very noticeable. The basement is...
  3. Insulating basement - questions

    Hello: I am puzzled as to how to proceed with the following project and thought that those here at the forum might have some insight! I live in a cold climate. I have a two-storey house with a full basement. It is a completely UNfinished basement (i.e., no sheet insulation or wall...