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  1. Insulation
    I live in MN and have a private well in my basement. I'm looking to insulate and clean it up, but I notice this cardboard type ceiling (see pics). Is this safe to remove and just glue up pink insulating foam-board? The ceiling is under the front concrete step. Thanks
  2. Insulation
    Hello, and thank you for being here. We created a cabin on our property for my ailing mother by purchasing (mom is making payments on) a 14'x32' premade portable shed from a Derksen seller, then customizing it by installing a (double-paned) picture window and building out the interior (a friend...
  3. Insulation
    My husband and I purchased a historic home that had been previously renovated during the housing boom. Naturally, the investors did a flip it style renovation and put in granite countertops and tile floors, etc. but neglected many more important features such as insulation. The center area of...
  4. Building & Construction
    Here's my situation: I need new shingles installed. My house has a cathedral ceiling throughout. It has 2x6 rafters and there is a 3' flat area at the top. I have noticed a little bit of moisture at the base of the ceiling in spots and I know it's due to insufficient venting. My question...
  5. Insulation
    I have a 1950's home in Palm Beach County, FL. In an enclosed area that was once a screened porch and Florida room, the roof is 1x6 tongue and groove on 4x6 rafters spaced 24" oc. That is the interior ceiling; no insulation. The area is air conditioned but obviously it gets very hot in the...
  6. Building & Construction
    I'm new here & I'm a new home owner and new to DIY'g so please be gentle on me. Our situation: We bought a 1960 ranch home that's got good bones but needs updating. Our current project is a 500 sq foot sun-room (or may be a 3 seasons room? IDK but I've just seen different...
1-6 of 6 Results