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  1. Flooring
    We hired a local reputable company to install duraceramic tile in a floating fashion over our existing hardwood in our home. We chose, upon the advice of the dealer, the floating installation so as not to destroy the hardwood underneath because we wanted to have the ability to someday pull...
  2. Windows and Doors
    Just installed by a window/door company. Have only paid 1/4 thank goodness. This is what I ordered vinyl clad, no exterior exposed wood, no aluminum. Doors would not be protected and our old doors we have rotted frames etc. Door so tight in rough opening, it's bowing. no screws into...
  3. Electrical
    We're looking for a reputable alarm system installer in Boston. We'd like to purchase our own equipment and have a licensed professional install it for us. We're also considering having a local alarm system company evaluate our home and recommend and install the alarm system. We would use an...
1-3 of 3 Results