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  1. Installation Help for Window w/ Nailfin

    Windows and Doors
    Hi all, New member but longtime reader. Hoping to get some help - I'm planning on installing full frame replacement windows (current windows are 50+ years old and wood trim is badly rotted). I was taking a look at the windows today and noticed that there is a "ledge" where the nail fin...
  2. Looking for DIY profiles

    Hi everyone I am looking for DIY profiles for a short chat about... well, about you!:smile: I am currently researching DIY people, who install/change their own thermostats (or similar), and as exciting as the topic is, it is quite hard to find good information about it. I would love to know...
  3. Keep or replace copper water supply line for new dishwasher?

    I am getting a new dishwasher and wondered if it's best to replace the existing copper water supply line with the installation, or should I not bother and keep the old line? The old line doesn't leak but is about 17 years old. Either way, I definitely want to stick with a copper line as...
  4. Who hear is a KERDI expert?

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Anyone use Kerdi a few times willing to be my online resource to the curb less shower install?
  5. Weiser Handleset Part: Black Neoprene Disk?

    Windows and Doors
    I am replacing the handleset on my front door. The thumbpress on the old one no longer fully retracts the latch (similar to the problem shown on ). I am installing a Weiser "Welcome Home" Heritage handleset. However, I have this extra part that came out of the box and I don't know where it...
  6. Options for replacing an existing Navien

    Hi Everyone, I have been thinking ahead about replacing my Navien CR-A 240, which has been running relatively well for the past 8 years. I assume that at a certain point, the repair bills will make this a reality. My unit has the two vents at the top, water into/out of the bottom and gas on the...
  7. Do I need certification to install residential appliances I.E. Dishwasher/Wall oven

    Off Topic
    Hey guys, The internet sucks for trying to find actual answers for anything. So I'm trying here. I've been installing household appliances for about a year and a half so far with no issues. However, I'm in the process of registering a legitimate business for it. My question to you guys is do I...
  8. French Door Installation with Existing Jambs

    Windows and Doors
    I live in an old (111) Victorian and want to put French doors in an existing opening. The jamb, casing and all trim are in place, and you can see where there used to be hinges and hard ware, that someone has filled in and painted over. The opening measures 63 3/4" by 81 1/2" though I took that...
  9. Installing a toilet - Beginner

    How To Guides
    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a toilet but have never installed a toilet myself. I'm wondering how hard is it to install? Don't know a single thing about toilets? OR should I just get a plumber to install it. Thanks..
  10. Ceiling fan trouble.

    I installed a new ceiling fan yesterday. The fan was working fine all night. We couldn't test the light because the fan came with a broken lightbulb. We got a new lightbulb today, put it in, flipped the switch, and a spark came from the part of the fan closest to the ceiling. Now the wall switch...
  11. Bathtub installation issue-

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    We realize that the gentleman who installed our tub did not put in a stringer. Unfortunately, we did not realize this until we already starting putting up most of the concrete board around the tub. I have access to both sides. I can get it from a closet on one side, and I have to rip out the...
  12. fireplace door and stone veneer over brick fireplace

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Do you install fireplace door before laying stone veneer or after the fact? Suppose you do it "BEFORE", then the installation is clear, you just screw that metal frame to the bricks from inside. Here is my confusion though - doors will be almost (~1/4") flush with the bricks with metal...
  13. Bosch 500 series dishwasher installation

    So I'm getting a new Bosch 500 series dishwasher, model SHP65T55UC. It is supposed to come today. I already removed the old one. I was reading the installation manual, and it says that the holes in the cabinet for the water supply line, drain line, and power cord need to be within a 4 in. x 2.5...
  14. New roof has a ripple

    Our contractor told us that they would be replacing all the decking on our roof because we had 3/8" plywood. They would be using 7/16" because the new shingles were heavier and that's more standard these days. On our front porch I notice a ripple/raised area about 6' long and 1' wide. The...
  15. Gas Cooktop - Install Pressure Regulator Help

    I have a new GE Profile 30" PGP953 gas cooktop. I have run a new gas line from my 3/4 black iron into a 3/4 valve and decreased into 1/2 csst to the cooktop area. I have the pressure regulator for the cooktop. My 1/2 csst male goes into the regulator perfectly, but the regulator decreases to...
  16. Buy/Install Downdraft Cooktop

    So believe it or not I do actually try to search for answers before making a post but there really isn't much out there on this subject, so I could use some help. We are replacing a 30" coil cooktop with downdraft vent, so the venting is already in place. The vent connection is round (I read...
  17. Installation of lay-in troffer fluorescent lights

    I live in Ontario, and have just completed the wiring for my basement renovation, which includes a suspended ceiling. I have incorporated 2x4 lay-in troffer fluorescent lights into the gridwork. The manufacturer's instructions for the installation are to lay them into the grid, and bend the...
  18. Rigid foam boards installation in garage

    Hi, My garage walls and ceiling have sheetrock and then a thin layer of concrete on top of it. I want to insulate my garage and my idea is to glue and fasten foam boards on the walls and the ceiling (with most likely drywall screwed onto the foam boards). What is the feasibility of this? Also...
  19. Transfer Switch Installation Clearance

    The attached picture shows where I would like to install my new transfer switch for a portable generator. I would like to put it to the left of my service panel. The switch is 11.75 inches wide. The distance from the side of the service panel to the perpendicular cinderblock wall (inner corner)...
  20. A/C Handler installed vertically

    I am designing a new home and would like to install the A/C handler vertically on the garage floor. I am being told that installing it vertically will not save any space over installing it horizontally. I find that hard to believe. How much space should I allocate on the house plans in the...