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installation on concrete

  1. Tile Installation Question

    Hi there, We are planning on applying/installing porcelain or ceremic tiles on a cement base. The area is located next to out garage and its nearly (12ftx8ft) in area. The area use to have a green outdoor carpet glued to the floor. Here are my questions: a) We have taken out the glued carpet...
  2. Pergo problem - can anyone help?

    Hello all, I hope it is ok to ask this question even though it is not technically DIY as it is related to a floor I paid someone to install. We had Pergo installed in July 2010 in our ground floor (no basement) condo. The installers ripped up the carpet and found that the concrete underneath...
  3. Lally Column

    Building & Construction
    Hello, I need to replace a lally column in my basement. The poured cement floor right around it has got soft and I am afraid the column may be sinking. My thoughts... -Reinforce the main beam that it is holding up with 2 temporary columns just to the right and left of existing column...
  4. Luxury Vinyl Flooring installation

    I am replacing my Konecto flooring (2nd floor condo) on concrete after one year because of major lifting at seams. Will Armstrong Luxe glued seams stick together when installed on concrete subflooring? Do I need to have installer GLUE entire floor to concrete? Do I need to seal the concrete...