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  1. Failed inspection with battery generator & Solar off the grid

    I have a Shed in North Carolina that failed electrical rough-in inspection. I have a Goal Zero 1500x (1516Wh) portable lithium-ion battery generator with multiple Goal Zero Boulder 200 (200 Watts) Solar Panels. The shed is off the grid and is only getting power from the Goal Zero battery and...
  2. Outlets in a peninsula Based on code east Orange

    I'm remodeling a kitchen and I would like to know if I need to Put an outlet in a 8 feet peninsula based on code in East Orange NJ, if yes can it be in the end or back of the cabinet?or which kind can I use install in the cabinet or granite? Thanks for your help need to pass inspection! :smile:
  3. Radon Gas

    Building & Construction
    Hi, I'm from California and move to our new home in Spokane. It is old house and need more inspection and repair. I am aware of radon gas and I would like to know how to test it but through DIY. Anyone can help me. Thanks
  4. Framing Inspection

    Building & Construction
    Hi, Can wiring, ducting or piping be done after framing inspection? or before? Thanks!
  5. HVAC Bad Inducer Motor after "30-point inspection."

    Hi everyone. I have a strange question that I was hoping for some opinions on. Three days ago, I had someone out to do a 30-point inspection on my furnace which was functioning properly. I was expecting a sales pitch and I have some experience with HVAC and a lot of experience with...
  6. Covering Exposed Romex Cables in Residential Home

    I had an inspector tell me that some exposed romex cables in my home need to be covered in order to pass inspection. Attached to this post are images that show a few situations where the romex cables are exposed. In particular going into a garbage disposal, my dishwasher, and a cabinet above...
  7. Do I Need Inspection After New Stair Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

    We replaced our old basement stairs and hired a contractor on Thumbtack (unfortunately). The stairs seem fine and safe, but I'm finishing up the basement and wondering if an inspection is required for Pittsburgh. I also didn't get a permit, because the structure already existed - so it wasn't a...
  8. Foundation upgrade neccessary?

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi, I have a 70 yr old rancher in southern British Columbia. I'd like to put an addition on it but I'm not sure about the existing foundation. The 2x8 floor joists sit on 6x6 beams, which rest on 6x6 blocks on the flat (either one or two high), which are atop of 16x16" concrete pads. The...
  9. HELP! Deck failed inspection because of Guard Rails! (Ontario)

    Building & Construction
    Hey Everyone, After months and months of long hours and working after work we finally completed our deck. When the building inspector came for the inspection she looked at the Guard rails and failed the deck. She said that the 4x4 posts for the guard rails are required to be...
  10. Septic pump/alarm on same breaker

    Hi everyone, first time posting here on the DIY forums. I've run into a frustrating situation at my place, I'm in Austin, TX (Travis County) and the home is only 2 years old. It's a low-pressure dose mound system Last week I went outside to find a puddle and septic smells. I open the pump...
  11. Expanding existing circuits & keeping power for inspection

    I am roughing in a basement that already has some existing lights and receptacles. I plan to add to and alter what exists, in addition to running some new circuits. This includes, in a few spots turning an existing single gang into a double or triple gang setup. It's my understanding that I...
  12. Old House Electrical Debacle

    Hello, I am hoping to get some advice on the electrical in a house I just inherited. It was built in 1900 and is located in Pennsylvania. It is a row home with 100amp service and no knob and tube wiring to be found. The problems I see are that the main panel is using a few tandem breakers and...
  13. 100>200 upgrade in house + tie into 100 amp in separate studio

    I'm writing up a complaint to the electric company that recently worked on upgrading and rewiring my home (and therefore should have changed the gauge running to the 100 amp panel in my separate studio, so I am told by someone else). Let's just say I have absolutely NO electrical experience...
  14. Inherited House, Does it need Inspection?

    Hi all, I live in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. In the next year I will most likely be inheriting a house (the house I grew up in) and do plan to move back into shortly thereafter. Does the property need to be inspected when the title is transferred or is this only mandatory if the...
  15. New glue for PVC?

    We are completing construction work to finish out the second floor of our garage, which was built in 2008. Right after it was built, we had the second floor totally "plumbed out", including tapping into the sewer line (middle of back yard), and completing all plumbing sewer and supply *lines*...
  16. BC Canada-Move Main Panel-Requirements

    I am looking for a BC certified electrical contractor or inspector, electrician or person(s) who has gone through this process to answer a few questions. I know with enough research I could probably find the info but it would be good to hear from real people. Summary: 1973 house containing...
  17. Tricky inspection question

    Building & Construction
    Hello all. I have a question about a project I am planning to convert a non-residential building into a residential. This is out in the mountains of North Carolina where people's adherence to permitting and inspection regulations are shaky at best. Basically the locals don't usually get...
  18. 3 inch termite inspection gap needed in Colorado?

    I am going to insulate and encapsulate my crawl space and have been searching online without luck if the building code in El Paso County, Colorado requires a 3 inch termite inspection gap at the top of the wall just below the floor joists? Is this needed?
  19. Installation of lay-in troffer fluorescent lights

    I live in Ontario, and have just completed the wiring for my basement renovation, which includes a suspended ceiling. I have incorporated 2x4 lay-in troffer fluorescent lights into the gridwork. The manufacturer's instructions for the installation are to lay them into the grid, and bend the...
  20. 2x4 or drywall for fireblock?

    Building & Construction
    I'm a diy'er finishing my basement and I just failed my framing inspection due to fireblocking or lack thereof. I'm debating how to handle the furred out foundation walls. I bought some drywall, but I'm concerned about the time and effort required to cut them to size to fit in between the...