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  1. Pest Control
    I’ve recently just moved into a studio flat, and as I was cleaning, I noticed this sort of shell on the floor in the bathroom.. I also was wiping the handles in the sink and seen a tiny bug crawling across it, no bigger than what I thought was a tiny bit of dust. I also found a flea earlier but...
  2. Pest Control
    Hello everyone. This morning while making breakfast I found this (see attached images please). I live in a small studio apartment in Montreal. Is this dirt or something not to worry about or is it droppings? Please help me out!
  3. Pest Control
    I own a split level home in Maryland, USA. Just today, I noticed that in the downstairs level of my home, there were thousands of tiny pepper grain sized insects dead along the baseboard of the wall. They were mostly within about 8 inches of the wall, by the thousands, but they were all...
  4. Pest Control
    I live in the Northeast. I saw one adult roach in my kitchen. Then I saw a series of german nymphs of varying sizes, one or two per day for about 5 days. I put out boric acid and now I haven't seen anything in 3 days. All roaches were seen in the same area. There is no plumbing in the area...
  5. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I've been concerned about some brown dry patches of grass in my lawn. I had assumed it was just not getting enough water, but yesterday when I was pulling some weeds I found the extent of the damage. Basically the whole area just rolls up like a mat, leaving just bare soil. I saw plenty of bugs...
  6. Pest Control
    I moved into a house built in 1950s and found a small area (about 2' by 3') of the hardwood floor is very squeaky. I opened a small hole just under the area in the basement ceiling. There are spider webs between joists. On the webs, I saw a lot of small larvae like dry insects but I couldn't...
1-6 of 6 Results