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  1. Scared! Is this dirt or droppings?

    Pest Control
    Hello everyone. This morning while making breakfast I found this (see attached images please). I live in a small studio apartment in Montreal. Is this dirt or something not to worry about or is it droppings? Please help me out!
  2. Help identifying thousands of small bugs along wall

    Pest Control
    I own a split level home in Maryland, USA. Just today, I noticed that in the downstairs level of my home, there were thousands of tiny pepper grain sized insects dead along the baseboard of the wall. They were mostly within about 8 inches of the wall, by the thousands, but they were all...
  3. Roach Problem

    Pest Control
    I live in the Northeast. I saw one adult roach in my kitchen. Then I saw a series of german nymphs of varying sizes, one or two per day for about 5 days. I put out boric acid and now I haven't seen anything in 3 days. All roaches were seen in the same area. There is no plumbing in the area...
  4. Brown/damaged patch in lawn - grubs?

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I've been concerned about some brown dry patches of grass in my lawn. I had assumed it was just not getting enough water, but yesterday when I was pulling some weeds I found the extent of the damage. Basically the whole area just rolls up like a mat, leaving just bare soil. I saw plenty of bugs...
  5. Insects on spider web

    Pest Control
    I moved into a house built in 1950s and found a small area (about 2' by 3') of the hardwood floor is very squeaky. I opened a small hole just under the area in the basement ceiling. There are spider webs between joists. On the webs, I saw a lot of small larvae like dry insects but I couldn't...