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  1. Carrier Infinity - Force Only Low-Speed AC ?

    (background) I've got a 7 year old Carrier Infinity system (controller + furnace + AC) - it's working just fine but I've got a question. Is there a way to 'tell' the controller (SYSTXCCUIZ01 .... not the later touch-screen or Wi-Fi units) to only run the air conditioner in 'low-power' (bypass...
  2. Carrier Infinity v14 system malfunction

    I have four Carrier Infinity HVAC systems installed in my house. They are all controlled by touch screen thermostats that says v14 on the back (SYSTXCCUID01-B). Several times a week something fails - one of the systems does not blow cold, the fan blows constantly, I cannot manually turn the...
  3. Carrier furnace with 33-limit faults

    We installed the Carrier 59MN7 furnace along with an a/c unit last summer. The a/c modulates the fan speed up and down as it cools, and we found that it was nice and quiet as it blew cooled air at the lowest fan speed. However, ever since we began running the furnace for the first season...
  4. Bristol 2-Stage Compressor or Unit Replacement Program

    Carrier DSB 11-0025A dated 05/20/2013 Compressor failed on my 6 year old 25HNA6 Infinity model and Carrier offering to either replace just the compressor at no cost to me (labor & refrigerant included) or replace the entire outside unit for approximately $1000. If I have the means is it the...
  5. Carrier infinity thermostat problem

    I have a carrier heat pump system in my house and every time the power goes out, the thermostat defaults to a/c when the power comes back on. The settings are still the same but I have to switch it back to heat. My upstairs unit doesn't do this, it just comes back on to whatever it was on. Any...
  6. Disable heat pump in a carrier infinity hybrid (dual fuel) system?

    Hi, I have a carrier infinity hybrid (dual fuel) system. It has served me well for several years. However, I am now installing an emergency standby generator and I don't want to use electric heat for one of my zones. I have a carrier SYSTXCCUID01-A controller. On the user/advanced settings...
  7. Is this a bad Carrier Infinity installation?

    I contracted to have a Carrier Infinity ICS installed, along with a 24APA air conditioner. After installation, I have noticed a few things which make me uncomfortable: 1) Filter cabinet was not installed. Instead they are using the filter from the old furnace, which is slid into an open gap in...
  8. Compare Carrier Model 25HNA936A003 versus Model 25HPA636

    General DIY Discussions
    In need of ADVICE !!! I plan to have a new HVAC system installed. The contractor originally provided a quote for Goodman system, with a $2600 option to upgrade to the following Carrier system: Carrier “Infinity” Model 25HNA936A003 air cooled heat pump condenser rated at 19 SEER. This unit is...
  9. Carrier Infinity thermostats integrate with control4 2.0

    I want to intagrate 3 infinity systems in a house with separate damper system for each infinity, also i want to use the carrier infinity thermostats, i just want to integrate it with the control4 system I had read that with the SAM you can comunicate with the control4 "The Carrier Infinity SAM...
  10. Sizing Jamb Extensions

    Building & Construction
    Hi Everyone, I am replacing all windows and sliding doors in my small brick house and because I've learned a lot from this site, I wanted to ask a newbie question. I got 5 bids and chose Marvin Infinity (windows 4" deep). I measured and remeasured and was about to order when the rep. asked me...
  11. Infinity Wood Floor

    Has anyone heard of Infinity wood floor. We are looking at an engineered hand scraped walnut, but can't find anything about the company (Infinity).
  12. Carrier 58MVC low static pressure alarm

    I had a carrier 58mvc installed with an infinity control. The controller was alarming out for low static pressure. The installer decided to put a sheet metal constraint after the blower to up the static pressure in order to defeat the alarm. The claim was that our duct work was too big to...