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    We have an outdoor bar made of oak and it’s been sealed with boat epoxy and varnish. Something is boring little holes in it. Help!
  2. Pest Control
    Hi all! My wife and kids and I just moved into a nice little rental home and everything is perfect except that the house itself (and the yard) is infested with chiggers. The home had been redone with new carpet and paint, etc. but somehow they're everywhere. Just about everything online is a...
  3. Pest Control
    Last week I began noticing carpet beetles in my bedroom- thought they might be bed bugs but did some image searching online (plus I haven't been bitten). I haven't seen any larvae, nor have I noticed holes in my clothes, but I've seen about 5-10 adult beetles a day since. I cleaned, sprayed some...
  4. Pest Control
    What is the tried and true method to get rid of roaches permanently?
  5. Pest Control
    Hey guys! We got back from a vacation and I noticed a mount of small particles (1 inch in diameter) on my bamboo floors. Upon removing the particles, I discovered a small hole in bamboo flooring. I did a little research online and I think it's a powderdust beetle, but may be mistaken. Should I...
  6. Pest Control
    I'm pretty sure we have a drain fly infestation. We moved into our new home about a month and a half ago, it's a 3 story town home with the bottom floor on ground level (we have no basement). With this setup we have closet in the room downstairs that houses our washer/dryer/furnace. I...
  7. Pest Control
    I have a sunroom on the back of my house that has gotten a fly infestation. It started in late October and has continued to the present. Everyday I have to go out to it and kill at least 5 flys. They congregate where ever the sun is shining obviously for the warmth. There is no garbage out there...
1-7 of 7 Results